For those of you who don't know me, my name is April Britt-Kelly. I am a freelance photographer based in Greenville, SC and shoot shows all over the Upstate and beyond. I have 3 loves: family, music and photography. I live and breath for my family. Music and photography are my "happy pills". I am so ardently devoted to my "happy pills", I suppose I would be considered an addict...a sight and sound junkie.

I started MotherShutter.com to showcase my work to music and photography fans. So far, my work has been published in Outlaw Magazine, a few local magazines and newspapers, and some of my photos have been chosen by a few local "musicians on the rise" for new record singles and CD covers. I have captured images of some of the bigger names in music, like The Who, ZZ Top, 3 Doors Down, Edwin McCain, Shawn Mullins, Colbie Caillat, Todd Snider, Gavin DeGraw, Don Felder, Maria Howell and Craig Morgan, just to name a few. Guess that's not so bad for a music photojournalist who is somewhat new to the business. I do plan on capturing images of many more "big names", as well as, our awesome local talent. You never know who I might shoot next, so check back often to see who (or what) may have caught Rae's glass eye.